Due to demand, Food Jams brings to you our experience of the MasterChef heat in the Food Jams kitchen. 

The MasterChef Jam is specially created for foodies, supper clubs, birthdays young or old and team buildings for teams with a competitive edge.

You might recognize South Africa’s Season 1 contestant Jade with the funny accent and bubbly personality …

She invites you and your guests to join her for a MasterChef Challenge almost as seen on screen! Guests will be challenged to create a winning dish against the clock.

What is the MasterChef Jam? 

Upon arrival, guests are briefed by the hosts and assigned their stations.

The clock starts… and the contestants start cooking!

The Food Jams Kitchen includes crazy equipment and techniques for each guest to explore whilst cooking, with assistance by the Food Jams Team.

10, 9, 8 …. 3, 2, 1! Stop cooking! Each dish is judged by the guest chef and feedback, will they make it to the next round?

For more info, email Juanita : foodjamsinfo@gmail.com