A collaborative Food Jam like none-other, bringing together music producers, visual artists and illustrators for food inspired evening of creativity.

One of the advantages of living in a city that sometimes feels like a village, is that the opportunities for collaboration in music present themselves far more frequently. Sound Bites, an improvised food jam, is an example of that process.

The idea was brainstormed by jazz musician and electronic producer Shane Cooper and food enthusiast and music student Jade de Waal (Masterchef). The brief was to record sounds typically made in a kitchen and then ask three producers to create a track separately, each using the same samples. Illustrators and visual DJ’s would be invited to create artwork for the music made. The entire process would last a few hours. The result turned out far more interesting.

On the evening of Sound Bites, De Waals kitchen was bustling with activity. Sean Ou Tim (Mr Sakitumi), Ross Fink (Dank) and Shane Cooper (Cardonspokes) were the three producers chosen. VJs Inka Kendria (The Grrl) and Anwar McWhite (Storyboy) were on board on the visual side and illustrators Mary-Jane Oliver and Caroline Vos set to work on cover art. One.Dog.Chicken Productions was present to film the entire event and photographer Sarah Nankin documented the rest.

The three producers quickly took to finding objects around the kitchen to create sounds. Over 30 percussive samples were recorded around the kitchen. These include beans shaking in glass bottles, microwave beeps, fridge doors slamming and onions being chopped.

Once the samples were recorded, the house was set into a quiet, serious creative space as the producers worked silently in one room. New York based Jazz vocalist Nicky Schrire was around to provide vocal samples. In another room of the house, The Grrrl and Storyboy re-arranged household objects for visual projections and even created managed to create short stop-motion pieces. At the same time, speed-making gourmet pizzas were made in a wood oven in the kitchen and later vegetarian dim sum.

Close to midnight, the tracks were near complete. After a few hours of solid work, the projections and the music came together in what was an exploration of each beatmakers’ signature sound with impressive results. De Waal whipped up some home-made ice-cream completing the food jam process. The tracks can be previewed here.

De Waal regularly hosts Food Jam sessions at her home in Gardens, inviting others to collaborate on interactive food-making, however this particular event was a first. The ‘unexpected synchronicity’ between time-based audio visual artwork inspired by food is testament to the fact that the boundaries can and should be pushed much further when it comes to collaborations.

Check out the Sound Bites video:

Words by Atiyyah Khan

Video by One.Dog.Chicken Productions

And the tracks are all available on www.SoundCloud.com/FoodJams