Spaghetti à la Mifuno

The Fatti’s and Moni’s face of spaghetti meets South Africa! Jade’s De Waal’s version.

I couldn’t ignore the irony of it all: driving an Italian car around Cape Town, I saw the horizon turning into a giant bowl of spaghetti on a billboard held by a pretty woman, the Fatti’s and Moni’s face of spaghetti meets South Africa.  This is my version.


180g spaghetti, or a big handful
1 cup spinach or marog
120g sausages, a mix of pork and beef, or how much you think you can eat
2 fresh tomatoes
Olive oil, for frying
Salt and pepper, to taste


Step 1: get a big pot with water, cook, and drain and toss the pasta with a little splash of olive oil.
Step 2: meanwhile cut up the sausage into rough pieces
Step 3: heat a small frying pan with a splash of olive oil.
Step 4: meanwhile wash and chop the spinach and tomato roughly.
Step 5: add the sausages and let it stick a bit to the pan to brown it a bit before you stir.
Step 6: when the sausages are nicely browned, add the tomato.
Step 7: give it about 2 minutes on a medium heat to sauce up the sausage.
Step 8: add the spinach, cook for another 30 seconds.
Step 9: toss in the pasta with the sauce to get it all mixed up.
Step 10: serve with lots of black pepper and some pecorino shavings if you have.

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