“Reza’s Pasta” recipe

Eat Your Heart Out (EYHO) makes a 3-minute vegetarian microwave meal using left-over pasta by Reza Khota!!

Put on some music, grab that left-over pasta and fill your tummy in less than 5 minutes with this delicious vegetarian pasta courtesy of my friend, Reza. I took some liberties and popped it all in a microwave, but you can make the sauce in a pan like Reza did if you like…

Feeds: One
Prep time: 1 minute
Cook time: 2 minutes


1 cup left-over pasta, or enough to feed you
½ carton cream
Handful spinach, washed
1 tomato
1 chili
Salt and pepper, to taste


1. Put the pasta in a microwaveable roasting bag or container.
2. Chop up the chili and tomato and add to the bag.
3. Follow with the spinach, cream, salt and pepper.
4. Tie the bag or seal the container with a lid.
5. Pop into the microwave for 2 minutes depending on the strength, so keep checking that it does not explode.
6. Remove from the micro and slide into a bowl, now eat!
*Add some fried bacon into the bag for some flavour


Music: “Voodoo Child” by Reza Khota Trio

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