Pappa’s Pud

EYHO makes a PAPPA’s PUD!┬áThe fastest and most delicious pudding in the world!

Feeds: 2 people
Prep time: 30 seconds
Cooking time: 4 minutes

1 packet ginger biscuits
250ml single cream
2 tablespoons (30ml) cranberries
Ice cream or frozen yoghurt, to serve

1. Roughly break the biscuits into two ramekins, two microwaveable cups or one medium bowl.
2. Separate the cream over both ramekins, so about half a cup each.
3. Add a sprinkle of cranberries on top.
4. Microwave on medium for about 4 minutes, until the biscuits have soaked up all the liquid.
5. Serve hot with scoops of cool ice cream!

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