The Yellow Brick Road made out of broccoli and a dystopian desert landscape of portobello mushrooms.. Over the past ten years Carl Warner has been building a career creating and photographing landscapes made entirely out of food.

And what a career it has been.

Mushrooms 300x120 Playing With Your Food   Carl Warner

Portobello Mushrooms

His very first work was inspired by Portobello mushrooms he saw in a market once. Warner says he held them up and thought, “these look like alien trees in an alien world.” So he took them back to his studio to see if he could create the scene he had in his mind.A few beans and cous cous make the landscape floor and a piece of mackerel on top makes the sky.

Salmon 300x190 Playing With Your Food   Carl Warner

Smoked Salmon Sea

The Smoked Salmon Sea is undoubtedly my favourite.

The texture of the salmon, lit properly, is the same as the texture of water. The sky is also a piece of salmon. Dark soda bread makes the rocks in the ocean and the potatoes in the foreground are clear to see. The trees are dill.

Warner tells of a man who came to see one of his exhibitions and told him, “Oh I been here before mate, I know where you took this. I stayed at a villa just down the road from there.”


Pesto1 300x210 Playing With Your Food   Carl Warner


“This is your classic pesto sauce”, says Warner, “with basil leaves in the corner, pine nuts, garlic in the little sacks being unloaded and a village thats made out of Parmesan.”

Even the clouds are mozzarella balls.


Italian Scene 300x216 Playing With Your Food   Carl Warner

Farmer Gets to the Market

Then onwards to market the farmer goes in the next image.

Warner talks about how he find that a particular location can only be made out of food from that location. “So making an Italian scene out of Asian food does not work, and vice versa”

– Natalie Simon