We’ve been dreaming about hosting cooking workshops for scholars for 6 years. The thing is, we never knew it would take on the form of a Food Jam, because 6 years ago Food Jams was still in our pots and not in our heads and hearts.

It started with a great friend, Yeshe Dawa, who was doing counseling work at Harold Cressy High School in 2013. We hosted a Food Jam together with great success – even with only 4 students and ourselves present, it ignited a fire and focused our future. The Food Jams of the future wanted to work with young people, to show them that they can become who they dream to be.  This is why we decided to return on 28 March 2014 to host a Food Jam in collaboration with a Graffiti Workshop at Harold Cressy High School.

The aim is for Food Jams to be the introduction to young people who want to be professionals in the food industry. The all-encompassing food industry and to teach, expose and support the students over an extended period. With the introduction we invite scholars to join us for a 12-week basic training course once a week at their school. We want to show young people that becoming a professional does not always mean going to an institution, especially when tertiary education is so expensive. You can find a mentor and teach yourself through dedicating your life to your art form.

We invited another professional who dedicated his life to his art form, and has so gained the utmost respect by his peers and the public. He has been a big inspiration in focusing our work and dedication. Other than that, he just brings energy and love wherever he goes. Mak1one is a graffiti artist born and bred in Cape Town, and even though he has traveled across the world, still chooses to focus on uplifting and creating consciousness in Cape Town through his work.

What happened on Friday was nothing short of creating consciousness and magic. With ingredients generously sponsored by Fruit & Veg City Roeland Street, the students were able to create crazy dishes based on staple ingredients in groups of four. The recipes were created by Food Jams but each of the groups were invited to improvise. They only had one hour in which a transformation of unsure individuals into groups of flavour masters happened – evident in the super cool photos by Silas Lekgoathi.

Here’s to many more such Food Jams of the future!