Jade joined forces with Russel Hlongwane, the founder of Fork, Knife and Glass Dinner Club, to host the first ever Food Jam in Durbs.

Russel showed Jade around one of the city’s many markets, teaching her some handy tips for getting the great value for money.

“A while ago, an invite popped up in my inbox from a Russel Hlongwane, founder of the Fork, Knife and Glass Dinner Club in Durban, to collaborate on a Food Jam in Durban. He’s arguably one of the most amazing minds I’ve ever met. We bought our ingredients from the Bangladesh market in Chatsworth, which included ‘live dead chickens’ (fresh), atchar and incense.” – Jade

Produced by One.Dog.Chicken Productions

For more info about Fork, Knife and Glass Dinner Club visit their website www.ForkKnifeAndGlass.com

Photography by Thanda Kunene

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