The battle to stop the rezoning of the Philippi Horticultural Area (PHA) is set to continue after the Cape Town City Council voted in favour of the proposal for housing development on a portion of the PHA.

The City argued that farms on the PHA are not aggressively farmed and the vegetables grown in the region do not benefit the poorer classes of Cape Town. Further arguments for rezoning the area included issues of security in the area, illegal dumping and a need for low cost housing to replace the multitude of informal settlements in the area. The city councillors voted 127 for rezoning and 63 against.

The next step for Food and Farming for the Cape Flats is to take the matter to the Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille.

Given the massive momentum that’s been building over the last 6 months, its going to get interesting indeed. Our Avaaz petition has over 2500 signatures over 24 hours. I promised the DA people this is not going to go away. The support for this campaign is growing phenomenally! The PHA for Food & Farming Campaign is just starting….” said the group on their Facebook page.

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-Natalie Simon